Day 16, Confluence to Easton

We made it on trail pretty early.  I liked our spot but Coyote didn’t sleep well.  We made miles early while it was still cool and easily picked up our boxes at the Easton post office.  Still have too much food so we mailed a small box home.  We ate at the Easton Saloon and were able to sit out back on the patio with the dogs.  The burgers and fries hit the spot!

Easton PO

We’d been watching online when the Cross Washington Bike Packing Challenge had started and we were tracking the leaders here. The first to pass us were Val and Josh on their tandem. They were really moving. Hard to believe they left La Push on the 20th and here they’re passing us near Easton on the 22nd.  It’s even harder to believe that I’ve got a device in my pocket that can track them and tell me who they are and when they’re coming by.


Val and Josh swiftly approaching.

We’d also read online that Lake Easton State Park had hiker/biker sites available so we went to check them out.  Sure enough, $12 hiker/biker rate… and showers!


Fee Rates


Shower Tokens



State Park

Lake Easton State Park

We’re stayin!  So we showered, hung out, etc.  Eventually I went back to the Saloon to hopefully get a charge on our battery packs.

The Saloon

The Saloon in Easton

From the hiker/biker sites there’s a short trail that leads right to the bridge over the river and voilà, you’re in town.  I was a bit self conscious since I had washed my clothes while I showered so they were wet, but I got over that quick enough.  That’s trail life for ya.  I asked the barmaid if I could charge and she was happy to oblige.  I ate again while I was there and enjoyed a nice garden salad, complete with cucumbers and tomatoes!  Coyote’s missing out! Love fresh food on trail!

Yakima River Easton

The Yakima River in Easton

After a good while I went back to camp and had a nice campfire.  Don’t get too many of those out here.  It was nice.

Lake Easton.jpg

Winding Down

The holiday weekend is fast approaching and I imagine this park will be completely packed out.  It’s not too bad now, I saw three or four other campers, but that’s it.

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