Day 9, Ralston to Ralston

Well, it turns out with our hitch we were a little ahead of schedule so our zero turned into two.  It was worth it though for Mother’s Day which we both celebrated on Saturday.  Early Sunday Coyote’s son Wes dropped us off back on the trail near Ralston.  From there we walked back out to the western side of the missing Cow Creek Trestle.


5.7 Miles Out


Extreme Hazard!

Cow Creek West

Cow Creek Trestle, from the West.

This portion of trail wasn’t real exciting but had interesting rock formations in spades.  We probably did 10 miles out and back to the trestle, not bad for a travel day.



We’re sitting in the Memorial Park in Ralston where they welcome campers.  It’s a peaceful small town scene.  The park is great!  Grass, loads of lilacs, a war memorial, picnic tables, and a water spigot.  There’s a few people around but it’s awful quiet.  There’s a phone number listed for someone to come turn off the sprinklers, but I think we’ll just camp on the dry ground next to the grass.  That’ll help with the condensation and we won’t have to bother anyone.

Ralston Park

Memorial Park in Ralston, WA

Ralston Sign

Camping Sign


Lilacs all around the park.

Ralston Pitch

Ralston Pitch

I’ve been having a sore left foot the past few days with a red bruise on the top of my foot.  When I was home I narrowed it down to tendonitis.  At Kid Coyote’s (Sandy) suggestion I went and bought some KT Tape and watched the online videos on how to tape up my foot.  And while it sounds crazy, that KT Tape works!  I don’t know how, but it’s working.

You may have noticed my “Kid Coyote” reference… That’s because of Sandy’s new hat!  Earlier when it was so hot she had worn my straw hat while I used my umbrella.  While the straw hats are pretty old school, they work well providing shade and also allow cool breezes through the hat.  Not to mention they don’t stink when they get all sweated up.  So during our zero she picked one up anticipating warm weather.  And as her son Wes puts it… it’s a Kid Rock hat!  Hence, Kid Coyote.

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