Day 15, Bristol to Confluence of Yakima/Cle Elum Rivers

Finished the Upper Yakima River Canyon early today.  There was loads of bear scat in the final bits of the canyon.  It’s a very pretty trail through there.


After we passed under I-90 we were harassed by a couple of ankle biters.  Wylie just ignored them, I was impressed.

Under I 90

We were looking forward to eating at Smokey’s Bar-B-Que that’s right on trail in South Cle Elum and were bummed to find out they were closed Mondays and Tuesdays.


Smokey’s BBQ in the old station.

Oh well, need to go into town anyway for a tent stake.  We spent altogether too much time eating junk (town) food and using free wifi.  I was able to successfully obtain a tent stake.  Headed to Safeway to water up and while we were there we were approached by a couple of uh… street people?  Is that how you say it?  They were standing out (with a sign for spare change) and were looking to make a sign when they came and chatted us up.  They were jazzed they made $90 the day before.  Funny enough, after we’d watered up I was waiting outside of Safeway for Coyote to come out of the bathroom so we could go.  While I was standing there I think some random dude tried to give me money.  I noticed this truck and was wondering why he wasn’t pulling out when I looked and saw him waving something at me but I was clueless, so I just waved back and he pulled away.  What a rookie mistake!  I know I’m stinky and dirty with a backpack but I’m not panhandling… I’m just standing there.

Cle Elum

Cle Elum!


Got a kick out of this.



The trail through here is nice, albeit a bit windy, and as soon as we crossed the Yakima River near where the Yakima and the Cle Elum come together we found the perfect stealth spot and threw down.  Looking forward to Easton tomorrow.

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