Day 3, Pandora to Rosalia

Had a short day today, only about 7 miles into Rosalia. Not really a nero, but close.  Even still, we were up and out by 7 am.


Typical basalt in a cut.

Coyotes serenaded us several times during the night… And judging by the scat everywhere there’s a healthy population around. Saw a nice fat one early on as we were walking… He was off like a shot.  I’m sure they get harassed/hunted often.


Balsam blooming on trail.


Lupine, blooming early.

We’ve been lucky with our weather, cool with no rain. Today is overcast and humid, but still very nice.


Cool glass insulators on the old lines running along the rail bed.  That blue green glass is to die for.


Deer tracks in drying mud.

We made our miles early and found ourselves in Rosalia by 11. Turns out today’s the townwide yard sale. Everybody was out on the street and very friendly. There’s an old school arcade, several novelty shops, a coffee shop, pizza, laundromat, bar…. Pretty much anything you want. Fast Freddy even introduced me to the Iron Lady… they don’t call him fast for nothing!


Live Fast, Die Young

Iron Lady

A Touch of Class, you decide what I’m talking about.

The main reason we walked through town though, instead of just hitting the park to camp was to find the farm store (grange). We need tick treatment for Wylie, he’s over 50 ticks now. It’s a bad year.  Luckily, they had the stuff. Funny enough they also had chickens, and as tempted as I am to take some chickens out on a hike, we don’t really need them. It’s pretty hard to keep a leash on them anyway.


Just a few of the many.

As a side note there’s a bit of Washington State history here in Rosalia.  They are home to the Steptoe Battlefield State Park, that commemorates issues between the army and Native Americans in the mid 1800’s.  If you’re a history buff, check it out.  There was also this monument in the park.


We also saw our first bike packers here in town.  Not surprising as the JWT is more popular as a biking route than it is for hiking.

Bike Packers

Bikers at the Brass Rail grabbing a bite.

Anyway, we pitched in the town park, have a flush bathroom to use, we were fed by burgers from the Brass Rail… Life is good. There’s even a cold shower to use!

Town Pitch

Town Pitch!



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