Day 18, Roaring Creek to Alice Creek

We were up early with anticipation for the tunnel.  Happily we stayed dry all night even though the thunder seemed to circle around us.  That’s the nature of the mountains I guess.

We walked along the lake looking at old snow shed footings and stuff until we got to Hyak.  There’s nice bathrooms and more showers in Hyak, but we didn’t have any quarters so we kept on.


Lake Shore


The Amenities!

Old Snow Shed

Old Snow Shed Reconstructed

Approaching Hyak

Approaching Hyak


The empty lot at Hyak.

The tunnel was amazing.  Don’t touch the side… I did and got slimy black fingers for it.  Some sort of weird mountain mildew stuff going on in there!  We had it to ourselves the whole way even though we thought someone was coming the other way until we got there.  We didn’t realize you could see the other end from the start.

East End

The Hyak entrance.

West End

The western end.

Somehow or another while walking the tunnel my hip started to hurt.  I think it was the crowned surface of the trail in the tunnel.  My right leg didn’t like having to be longer than my left I guess.  I switched sides but it still complained.  We rested it at Carter Creek at the camping area for a while and it felt much better.  Carter Creek campground has been damaged so we did the three more miles late in the day to Alice Creek.  Should make for a shorter day into Cedar Falls tomorrow.

I-90 Snoqualmie

I-90 after the tunnel.

Nice Trail

Nice trail on this side!

Last Pitch

Last Pitch!

Later in the evening as we were sitting I heard something and looked and saw someone coming so I alerted Coyote so she could prep the dogs.  I just assumed whoever it was was on a bicycle… but no, a guy goes cruising by standing up.  On something like a solowheel… completely threw me for a loop.  I’ve seen them in Seattle and Portland but that was honestly the last thing I was expecting out here! He passed again about an hour later heading back to wherever he got on trail.

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