Day 4, Rosalia to Malden

Ah, slept like a stone in the Rosalia park.  Only had an easy-ish 9 miles planned to get to Malden so we had a casual morning, but we had to go sooner or later.  We’re getting into the rhythm of the hike… meaning we go to sleep when it gets dark and get up when the sun comes up.  It’s surprisingly natural.

Rosalia House

There’s some interesting old homes in Rosalia.

It was a beauty of a day as we headed through the deserted town.  Guess it’s still early.  The day warmed quickly tho, and soon it was near 80.


Leaving Rosalia early in the AM.

Saw two good sized coyotes today, both on trail and in daylight.  They’re probably denned up with cubs.  From the looks of them this seems to be prime coyote country.

We hit our first locked gate of the trail that we couldn’t get around or get the lock open. It was located on Squaw Road midway between Rosalia and Malden.  The provided combo didn’t work, not a good sign.  Oh well, I climbed over, then Sandy handed my pack over, and then the unloaded cart etc.


The Trail between Rosalia and Malden.

We had barely rolled into Malden and started in on the soda from the vending machine at the Town Hall/Library before we were hit with wind and then a thunderstorm.  I had unsuccessfully tried to contact the town of Malden previous to our leaving for the trip, even leaving a message.  Supposedly they will provide showers and toilets there at the Town Hall with an appointment, but according to the sign out front they’ve got new hours… 6 – 8 pm Mondays.  That’s not a big window.  They must not be very busy.  So if you’re reading this and are anticipating a stay in Malden, I’d suggest you call at least two weeks in advance and leave a message.

But back to the story… we couldn’t raise anyone there in town, but we knew they allowed camping in the town park which is adjacent to the Town Hall/Library.  So we went ahead and pitched as quickly as we could in the wind, even using the building as a windbreak.  There were some trees handy that we could’ve sheltered under, but I’m a bit leery of using a big Ponderosa for shelter in a lightning storm with their big widow maker branches.  Not to mention the possibility of a lightning strike.


Malden pitch by the Town Hall.

So we pitched, and not a moment too soon.  Heavy rain, wind, and lightning followed.  I couldn’t even hear my mp3 player over the rain on my tent!  But everything worked like it is supposed to and we stayed safe and dry.

We’d kinda been dragging our feet getting here.  The purpose being we need to pick up our resupply boxes in the morning at the post office.  We knew they were open limited hours on Saturday and not at all on Sunday.  So, looking forward to that in the morning!

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