Day 8, Morengo to Morengo

Wow, Morengo has trains.  Lots and lots of trains.  They don’t hold back with those whistles either.

Morengo Rail

Current live track in Morengo.

We were up early for our walk out to the trestle and back.  It was pretty short miles… something like 5, or 7, or whatever.  They’re pretty much just bonus miles at this point.

Morengo Morning

Morning in Morengo

The missing trestle was big!  I didn’t realize it was so far across Cow Creek.  The old trestle would’ve been an impressive sight.

Missing Trestle

By the missing Trestle

The creek bottom was flooding with spring runoff and was greened up and lush.  Saw several mule deer while we were walking back.  They’re probably loving the abundant water this spring has brought.

Cow Creek

Cow Creek Flooding


Sorry for the crappy image but… there’s some deer in there somewhere!

Clouds and Trail

Walking back to Morengo

Dad was there right on time and boom, just like that I was standing in Starbucks in Ritzville wondering what had just happened. You know it’s going to happen, but it’s still hard to prepare for.  People smell so nice and there’s so much activity and music and… so much Starbucks!

Looking forward to a zero, a veggie pizza, and mother’s day, pretty much in that order.  Oh, and a shave/shower if I get around to it!

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