Day 14, Thorp to Bristol

Got up early, slept well.  Realized there was rain overnight.  Knowing there was about a mile to hot coffee at the arco by the Thorp fruit stand we quickly packed up.


Once there we sat outside and waited knowing the John Wayne Pioneer Wagons and Riders Association would be passing us today on their annual cross state ride.  Once we saw the lead riders and the start of the mountain bikers that were part of the group we picked up and started down the trail.  Saw lots of horses.  Coyote was very happy.  Horses were her passion for many years.

We’ve started to get some serious change in the scenery today.  Most of it happening once we started in on the upper Yakima river canyon.  Trees! And Tunnels!


Pine Trees!

Taneum Creek

Taneum Creek

Yakima River

Spring Runoff on the Yakima

Getting Pretty

Entering the Upper Yakima River Canyon

Cool Lichen

Cool Lichens


Coyote keeping an eye on the scenery.




Getting Pretty!


Thanksgiving Dinner walking by.

Highway 10

Highway 10 across the river.

Coyote also spotted an orchid.  I believe it’s a Mountain Lady Slipper (Cypripedium montanum).

Orchid 2

The Orchid


Mountain Lady Slipper

We should be in Cle Elum in the morning.  I broke a tent stake tonight, thankfully Coyote had a spare.  I’ll see if I can pick one up in Cle Elum.

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