Day 2, Tekoa to Pandora

Slept pretty light last night, usually do for the first few nights. The alarm clock this morning was one of God’s prettier birds, the pheasant. I don’t know if it could’ve been closer or not, but it was plenty loud. What a great way to wake up.

With our early start we made good time walking through the rolling wheat. Wylie was still collecting ticks regularly so when we reached the marshy section near Lone Pine we opted for the roadwalk.


The section we bypassed through Lone Pine, from above.

Couple things to note, the scale of the Palouse is pretty impressive. You see the rolling fields in photos and things, but to get the actual scale… to see how big these rolling hills are… you have to get out on them.


I spy Steptoe Butte.

The trail has also become pretty political in the past few years.  Sometimes it’s pretty easy to guess how someone feels about the trail and the access it allows to their land.


Disked right across the trail bed.

Also, saw an owl along one of the cuts we walked. The Nature!  The Wildlife!

Even though we’re making good time we have to purposely try and slow down. As Sandy says, it’s a long summer, let’s not injure ourselves early. So we’re camped up above Pine Creek near a place labelled Pandora on the map. There was something here once, but not anymore. We’re pretty well hidden but still close to the road. Thankfully there’s few cars on most of these roads.

I can already hear the coyote chorus from the fields along the creek. But that’s why we’re out here, to be sung to sleep by Coyotes. 🙂

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